Monday, 1 July 2013

Egypt at turning point?

Many protests in Egypt continue and are likely to pick up pace again later today and in to tomorrow. Sadly, there have been outbreaks of violence and more fatalities. Yet,  there is a sense here that Egypt may be at a turning point.

Speaking on the streets to people this morning I heard the same comments that it was time to move on - we are suffering too much and that we do not want fundamentalists.

One local Egyptian, Amil, told me: " After every revolution there is pollution! It is good that we have seen what the Muslim Brotherhood is like - now we can move on. Things will get better, but there will be some blood shed."

Meeting Coptic priests I felt the sense of solidarity with their people - many who are poor or unemployed. Hundreds of children go to 'Sunday Schools' at least twice a week - "they feel this is their home" Fr Athanasius told me at St George's Church, Luxor city, where ACN has helped.

The Church is offering the hope of the Gospel to all those in need. As Bishop Joannes Zakaria of Luxor (photo attached) told me: "We are a missionary Church, laying down rocks for the future, for our people..building hope."

Please continue in prayer for the Christians and all the peoples of Egypt at this critical time. Thank you for your solidarity and prayers.        


Neville Kyrke-Smith
National Director
Aid to the Church in Need UK

Egypt, 1st July 2013. 

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