Sunday, 30 June 2013

30th June

The 30th June is seeing huge rallies taking place across Egypt. Tahrir square in Cairo already has hundreds of thousands gathered protesting against President Morsi, whilst there are large crowds assembling in other major cities. I was told this morning by one young Egyptian that it is all building up to 5 o'clock when even more people will come out to join protests. One pro-Morsi gathering is being featured on national TV, but the numbers on the streets seem to reflect the huge figure of more than 22million who are said to have signed the Tamaroud 'rebellion' petition for Morsi to "go out" and step down .

Millions of people want a new beginning and fear what will happen if President Morsi stays.

At a long Catholic Coptic Liturgy this morning I witnessed the faith and hope of the large Christian community. There are up to 10 million Christians in Egypt - mainly Orthodox Copts, but also 200,000 Catholic Copts. A baby boy Shenouda was  baptised with his proud father Karam & mother Nosa bringing their child before God, relying on his grace. The cousins of Shenouda, living in the same village near Asyut, gathered round the font - and the photo (attached) of the little boy Abeder holding the candle at the font illustrates the hope of our brothers & sisters here,  in north Africa and the Middle East.     

Please pray and help keep the light of Christ alive. 


Neville Kyrke-Smith
National Director
Aid to the Church in Need UK

Asyut, Upper Egypt
30th June 2013

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