Sunday, 10 June 2012


Time and again ACN friends & benefactors have been asked to pray for Christians in Lebanon & the Middle East.

Today, Sunday, the faithful of all ages flocked to Mass at the national shrine of Our Lady of Lebanon, in Harrisa. Praying with them, as their singing echoed around the church, was a moving experience.

Later on, visiting priests & sisters the request came again - please remember us at this tense time. A Melkite priest told me how their community in a village near Homs had taken in families fleeing the violence. There is a growing fear that conflict will be replicated and roll out over the border into Lebanon - & that all communities will be affected.
Christians are worried that they may suffer greatly as they could be targeted by all sides.  

As the faithful left Mass many made their way to the compassionate Mother of God - going up the steps to the big statue of Our Lady of Lebanon. There they placed their hands at the feet of Our Lady in deep prayer. May we join them in prayer - sharing the hope & compassion of Christ.

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