Sunday, 15 May 2011

Palestinian prayers & tensions

As developments and breaking news report - there are uprisings and tensions throughout the Middle East. Sunday has been a day of mourning for Palestinians 1948 & all that has happened since....Nakba, disaster. Whilst borders have been crossed from Lebanon & Syria, internally it has been a very tense day. On the road from Jericho late afternoon there were 3 check points & Palestinians were being prevented from travelling to specific areas. Tonight Sunday evening there were even some clashes on the streets of Bethlehem near a check point. I witnessed control being taken - riot shields and batons were used...and the stones + bricks being cleared away, but still a man waved a Fatah flag in the street. Prayers please for oppressed peoples and for peace. ACN is commited to help Christian communities wherever they are in need. Neville Kyrke-Smith, Aid to the Church in Need, Bethlehem, 15.05.11

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